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Wall Mountable CD Music Player | Yedwo Design

Plug Type

Built-in HIFI microchip and 2 performance superior speakers, bringing smooth and naturally sound to you. It can set the mood for a party, gym & dance studio, yoga/massage or bedtime music.

►Basic functions◄

1. Cable-pulling switch: pull the power cable (2.5m) to turn on or turn off

2. USB flash reading / playing , standard 3.5mm input / output audio port

3. Full-band FM radio

4. Bluetooth 3.0 connection

5. Remote control: a distance of 5 meters

6. Support both mode of single song loop and whole disc loop, and support A-B repeat

► Package List ◄

  • CD player
  • USB adapter ( 5V-2A )
  • Remote control
  • Wall-mounted kit & plate
  • User manual
  • Desk/Table stand

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Surprised at how well it worked

I grew up with cassette players and cd players, so I have very set perspectives on how they should look and work. So when I saw this player arrive and that it didn't come with a cd cover lid, I was very concerned how well it would work. However, I really liked that this player had bluetooth and mp3 player capabilities, therefore I was willing to give it a try. It really surprised me though--in a good way! The cd goes in and stays on it tightly. It plays seamlessly, the bluetooth connects perfectly and the speaker is amazing! It really pumps out fantastic sound quality for a standalone player. You need a micro sd card for putting mp3 music or audiobooks, which we didn't do, but it also has a spot to plug in headphones, and will accept bluetooth headphones as well. My son has gone through several "boom box" cd players, because they get wrecked on the floor of his room. He sleeps better with cds or mp3 music though and through my phone, it was always getting interrupted by various messages and alerts, so he needed a standalone player. Because we could mount this one on his wall or under a shelf though, there was less danger of it getting destroyed by a messy room. He absolutely loves it though and uses it every night to help him sleep. So, do not be put off by the uniqueness of its design. It is clever and effective and easier to clean.

Great gift!!

Was a bday gift for my now teenager who is into buying kpop CDs.. Works good thus far and has decent sound quality.. Remote is a plus..

Works great!

Second try on a portable CD player, first got one back in Nov 2020 with a more rounded look that didn't preform as advertised. This one is great, simple setup and works beautifully to play CD and thumb drive of music. Recommend

Love it

I got this CD player for my husband because his car radio and the CD player wasn’t working anymore. This is perfect for him. He can use it in the car he can take it at work and listen while working and he takes it home too. It’s a great CD player.

Good cd radio player.

So far no problems with cd & radio only thing doesn’t connect to Bluetooth sound bar but it does connect to your cell phone so you can play your songs on it. But would just use your Bluetooth speaker system because of volume.