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16 static RGB colors, 5 brightness adjustments and 4 dynamic lighting modes(FADE, SMOOTH, FLASH, STROBE), cordless design color your life with remote control or pressing the bottom of the cube, eye-caring LED makes uniform soft color light that doesn't hurt eyes, furthermore, matte surface makes cube more comfortable to sit.

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1 remote can control multiple cubes easy charging

We love the brightness of the colors, versatility and love that they can be used as an extra seat. Very pleased

Onivi Koudouovoh
Cute and odd

Very exciting cube, bright, captivating and generate a great ambiance. The remote control is not as flexible as you might want it to be, each time you want to change anything you have to ask people to move up so you can flip it to use the remote case the receiver is at the bottom of the cube and defeats the purpose of comfort.

Solid Itsm

The cubes are very bright and build quality looks good. Very excited for the next pool party! The remote can control both cubes at the same time. If you want to change color on just one of them, you need to point the remote away from the other cube. It is not bad once you figure out what angle to point at.

Best LED Cube Chair Light on the market

Received the product within 2 days after placing the order. 16" (around 40CM) cube chair is the perfect size for the kids (6 and 9 years old).

I especially love the removable LED light design. When charging is needed, instead of move the entire CUBE, simply twist the LED light out (as shown in the picture). The LED light has a red indicator while charging and automatically turned off once fully charged. Kids' favorite color is light blue (I called it ice cube blue) and my favorite color is purple.

The material for the cube is super sturdy and well designed/made, too. It can easily hold up 300 pounds. Since it is wet, we did not get a chance to test it outside, but sure it will fit perfectly beside the pool. Strongly recommended!!


Adds a nice touch to outdoor decor, everyone who sees it loves it. Looked pretty cool as giant jenga stand but bowed a little in middle dt weight. Can be used as extra seating or side table. Would buy again