Modern Accent Table Iridescent Acrylic End Table | Yedwo

Unique Design: Boasting a graceful, sleek design, the glamorous round acrylic top is adorned by three geometrical legs to showcase a cleverish silhouette

Charming Piece: Featuring a brilliant iridescent hue, this outstanding piece features different colors from different angles, charming and tasteful

Versatile Fit: The side table with a round top is an ideal place to put all sorts of items. Flexible and lightweight, it fits into any corner in your space

Overall Dimensions: 15.7"Dia x 18.5"H (400mmDia x 470mmH)

Acrylic: Constructed from premium acrylic, its smooth table top provides a perfect platform for any decorative gadgets

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Love it!

Awesome table! There is a review talking about how this is a janky knockoff of a $2000 Italian glass table but I gotta’ say, I don’t think it’s a janky but a rather solid knockoff! It was very well packed and arrive already assembled, no scratches, and looks like it does in pictures from other reviews on here so if that strikes your fancy, I highly recommend, it’s a really cool and funky addition to our home :)

Love the look & quality

This table is SO CUTE! Obviously it looks great in the sun / direct light, but it still looks good at night. I was worried it'd look cheap, but it definitely gives off a classy vibe (with lots of fun character)! It's great quality and really sturdy so I don't have to worry about the size or weight of what I put on it. Excellent side table for the price!

It isn't very tall, which I knew based on the measurements, so even though I love the product I do wish they made a version about 6 inches taller.

Really well packed and great table

The table really functions well, ie the dichroic film really works, considering the price. Also, being acrylic, it makes more sense that glass ones selling at 1st Dibs for 3K. It was packed really nice.

A fun playful table

This tiny little knockoff table was expensive for what it is but it makes me totally happy everyday so to me it's worth it. I love seeing it in the sun and make cool light beams across my room. It sparks joy 100%. It's one of my favorite things in my apartment. I could could never justify getting the real thing which is more than 10x as much. I have seen the real thing in person and yes it's more gorgeous, for sure, but its silly to compare with a glass beautiful craft item w mass-produced plastic. I still love my little disco table. Like all acrylic furniture it scratches easily so i have accepted that I have to be careful with it and understand it will eventually get scratches. This is not your grandmother's chest that looks better as it ages. However in my opinion it's actually quite sturdy I carried it home from work by the legs on the subway and 7 months later it's holding up fine.

Iridescent Table

I’m really happy with this table! It’s so special and unique looking. While I know it is a knock off of the expensive Glas Italia table it manages to hold its own. At VERY close examination it’s obvious this table has its small imperfections but overall a gorgeous and unique addition to my home. I would buy this table again, very pleased.