Game Icon LED Neon Light | Yedwo Design

  • Product name: LED Game Icon Light
  • Light source type: led light
  • Voltage: 5 (V)
  • Shade material: acrylic
  • Dimensions: 31*11*6.5cm / 31*31*6.5cm 
  • 3 light modes: one standard mode, gentle glowing color phasings, and music reactive mode!
  • Average service life: 90,000 (h)
  • Power supply mode: USB power supply / battery power supply
  • Applicable places: living room, bedroom, game room

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nathaniel Freddy Santiago
Great but it came not in a package box

When I got my PlayStation icon lights it just came like that without inside of a package or whatever it just has the usps postal sticker in the front so everywhere it went to get to my destination it was in the open I was a lil upset but took it out and works well has a usb and you can also insert 3 triple AAA batteries works very well lights turns on looks great the packing wasent very good but as long as the product wasent Dante and works very well that’s all we care about so yea 👍🏼

Topsy Krett
A bit too bright but overall good

It’s an overall good addition to any PlayStation themed gaming room. It has multiple settings (on, off, blink shuffle, and fade shuffle.) two of which are settings that cycle light through regular intervals either fading or flashing. My only dislike is the brightness of the LED’s inside. But it looks good shut off as well. I’ve had it for about six weeks. Sometimes it would be left on for several days at a time. It hasn’t failed me thus far🤞🏾

Bianca R
Get it

These lights are the cutest!!!! My PlayStation area is amazing and these help make it look even better

Love it

I love it it looks cute by my computer it’s a definite have that’s for sure and I didn’t even know that it blinks which is dope as well thank you for my purchase