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The glass tea mug has a fashion style and a rose flower design. Strong adhesive UV glue combined glass and enamel handle into a special glass cup. Glass material of the cup is glittering and translucent and easy to clean.


  • 1* Crystal Cup
  • 1* Tea Spoon

Customer Reviews

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Anonymous Opinion
Beautiful cup and packaging, perfect as a gift!

I wasn't even aware it came it such beautiful packaging. Now I don't know if you can see it but my box did come with a slight damage to it. But personally, I'm still okay with gifting it like that since they're probably gonna throw the box away anyway. But seriously this cup is beautiful!!! And heavy so it feels like it's not gonna break the moment you set it down too hard. I love every bit of this.

I would've bought the bigger one, but the person I'm gifting it to doesn't drink that much at once :) Anyway, very satisfied

V. Delgado

This was so gorgeous. It came in a beautiful gift box that was too pretty to open and check it. I'd buy them all. I loved it and it was a fantastic and reasonably priced gift.

Jennifer L.
Absolutely beautiful

So pretty! The glass is flawless and the metal work is beautiful. It has enough weight that it feels quality. It even comes in a really pretty, satin lined box with a pink polishing cloth and a fabric doily-like coaster. There are little crystals mixed in, which I didn't notice in the picture. Very unique and impressive, anyone would love it and think it to be a really special gift.