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Watch jellyfish models swim quietly, creating a beautiful ambiance. Lifelike jellyfish movements are so realistic you will question if they are real. The overall effect with changing lights is simply mesmerizing fascinating relaxing & hypnotic. Ideal for your home, office, children's room, doctor’s office, rehab institutes or daycare centers. This is the original authentic Large Tower Jellyfish lamp version only from Lesmart.


• 5 Colors Changing Light

• 2 silicone jellyfish mimic a realistic sea movement

• USB power connector cable

• Use as an adornment or a soothing feature

• Measurements: 5"D x 5"W x 14"H/5.51"D x 5.51"W x 32"H

Package Include:

1* Jellyfish Lamp

1* Charging Cable

Customer Reviews

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Vicki G.B.
Nice Splurge

I got this one as a friend has had the smaller one for a few years. Yes it is costly but well worth it. After initial set up I had to play a little with the fish to get all the small air bubbles off of them. After that it has worker beautifully. I love it and my friends who see it love it too.

Brittney Nelson
Beautiful, but make sure to get a longer straw

The 32 inch DOES come with a longer than average straw intended to help push the jellyfish down to the bottom, upside down to avoid air bubbles. However, it is not long enough, and only lets you push them about half way down. All 7 of the jellies floated at the top after 3 attempts at re-inserting them into the the tank with the straw. Luckily, I had a silicone straw on hand in the kitchen that I inserted the straw that came with the tank into. Together, the combined lengths allowed me to push the jelly fish, upside down, all the way to the bottom. All 7 now swim as they should, no air bubbles. Again, nothing wrong with the product at all, but would recommend the seller send a straw that is at least the length of the tank given the inability to stick your hand into it.

Be Patient

I initially thought this lamp was not working because it lit up but didn’t make a sound, plus the jellyfish floated to the top. I took the advice of another customer and kept pushing them down with the straw included(I actually attached a regular straw to it to get more length). Eventually this thing started to work well after about a week. Now the jellyfish float beautifully and it is so cool to watch...they look super real! I’m very satisfied so far.

Pretty good operation. Pretty Easy setup.

Just set this up a short time ago. Read directions and other reviews and helpful tips prior. Definitely key that you overfill the tank and does require a bit of pushing the jellyfish down frequently at first. I think the key here is to make sure there isn’t any air bubbles for them to get stuck at the top with. They are very lightweight and even a tiny air bubble can have an effect. I took advice of someone else’s review and did not put all jellyfish provided into tank. I think it makes it less busy for sure. Seems I will still need to work at pushing these guys down for a bit, I am able to get it working fairly decent within minutes of setup. Also the instructions do mention that “it will take 12 hours for the jellyfish to swim beautifully”. Not sure why. Overall I think it is worth the price. Less maintenance than live jellyfish.

maria r.
Pretty amazing!

Pretty amazing!!! Got this as a birthday present for my mom and I’m in love, want to get myself one now